The New Revolution in Real Estate

Experienced Realtors

Since 1996, we’ve represented custom home builders/ projects, including:

  • Windsor Lake Estates, Sparta
  • Marcon at Hillview, LLC, Tewksbury
  • Marcon Pleasant Hills, LLC, Bridgewater
  • Frank Schilling Homes, Bridgewater
  • Joint Venture Properties, Summit
  • Louis Corbosero Homes, Cedar Grove

Offering the Latest Tools, Successful Strategies, & Best Possible Prices

Innovation rarely comes from long established, larger companies. Instead, it comes from entrepreneurs who can move faster, take advantage of new technologies, and are not bogged down with antiquated systems.

In real estate, that entrepreneurial effort comes only from A Home For Sale Realty. Unlike traditional tract sales companies, we are far from the order-takers, and paper-pushers, you’ve seen all too often.

We’ve started from scratch, getting rid of unnecessary overhead. By making use of the technology available today, we will provide you the latest marketing strategy and tools, at the best possible prices, with the least inconvenience to you -- Guaranteed.

So, you’ve never heard of us?  Well, you have now, and you will again.  Collectively, the regionally-based subsidiaries of A Home For Sale Realty represent the fastest growing, independently owned, non-franchise brokerages in the Northeast. 

The uniquely successful marketing program offered by A Home For Sale Realty’s Homes and Land Division is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to your specifications.

We’re in search of home builders interested in saving money in Realtor commissions, making quick sales, and working with professionals who care about your bottom line.


We Know What Sells homes

Advanced Commission Payouts

At our cost, the Buyer's Realtor will receive a 50% commission pay-out upon completion of the 3-day attorney review period. We assume all the risk – even if the deal falls through.  This makes new construction pay an agent faster than selling a resale!

Full Multiple Listing Service Exposure At Reduced Commissions. The total commission, at 4.5% or less, includes MLS exposure to literally tens of thousands of active Realtors throughout the state.

Full Multiple Listing Service Exposure At Reduced Commissions

The total commission, at 4.5% or less, includes MLS exposure to literally tens of thousands of active Realtors throughout the state.

Professional Marketing Packages

You can expect Full Color Brochures, Fact Sheets, Maps and Neighborhood data including School Reports, along with Traditional Advertising, which can include newspaper ads, targeted post cards, news releases and direct mailers.

Technology Supported Marketing

Ask us about how we utilize the latest techo-tools to make your projects stand out from the rest, including:
Talking House, Fax On Demand, Dedicated Web Pages, Search Engine Optimization, and Voice Broadcasting.

Traditional Marketing

We also offer the programs you are familiar with including: Full-Service Onsite Realtors, Public and Realtor Open Houses, Showing Registrations and Feedback, and of course Ongoing Communication with you.


You Bought the Land, Secured the Loan, Built Homes ... Now What?

  Successful marketing of your available properties requires strong cooperation from outside agents.  Our plan includes a full scale, “agent” marketing plan.

The Message.  As one of the most critical elements of our marketing plan, we choose to market to target groups that you feel are best suited to buy your homes.


The Media. There are many different ways to get your message out to the public. They include brochures, websites, direct mail, and advertising.


One Stop Shopping. In short, we make life easier for your buyers by having available a host of service providers that offer top notch service including: loan officers, closing agents, title companies, moving companies and more.

Top Notch Services ... At Reasonable Rates

We believe it takes the same amount of effort to sell a new, $250,000 condo at $7,500 (3% commission) as it does a $700,000 house at $21,000 (3% commission). 

And yet, the Realtor's® commission is $13,500 more for the same work.  Does this sound fair?

Better MLS & Exposure ... Guaranteed!

As a truly statewide real estate firm, we belong to every Multiple Listing Service (MLS), covering every county, giving you greater exposure than the traditional, full-cost brokers who only stay within their office’s geographic, local MLS.


Our MLS memberships include, but are not limited to…

  • Garden State MLS
  • New Jersey MLS
  • South Jersey Shore Regional MLS
  • Hudson MLS
  • Middlesex MLS
  • Monmouth Ocean MLS
  • Ocean County MLS
  • Trend MLS

A True Team Effort

In addition to Advanced Commission Payouts, any agent from another agency who sells one of your properties will receive a thank you gift from both of us - at closing, at our expense.

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